I have Nvidia 6200 graphic card on my PC but cant wach movies in 1080p resolutio

Unable to watch movies with high resolution such as 1920x1080?
No performance so weak that I can not watch a DivX at 1080p?
1.Nvidia GForce 6200 MSI
2.DDR I PC 400 2Gb RAM
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  1. All of those parts are pretty old and not designed to handle hd video, you should probably get a new home theater pc.
  2. Your CPU won't be fast enough without hardware acceleration. I'm not even sure if it's fast enough with hardware acceleration enabled.

    Hardware acceleration on the 6200 probably only supports the MPEG2 video codec. The acceleration feature must also be enabled.

    DivX is not MPEG2. The video is in the AVI format which the graphics card can not decode, your CPU must do this.

    Your CPU is not powerful enough to decode High-Def video.
  3. Yes, agree, the simple answer is your PC is not strong enough to play HD movies.
    You better save money and build your next PC...
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