Stock fan noise and my Bulldozer - Is noisy normal?

My CPUs (the FX-6200) stock fan, seems to speed up, or at least make quite a noise if I'm gaming on it. It's also very quiet when it's idle, or if I'm surfing the web.

Performance meters appear OK and the temperatures read fine, but I'm concerned about the fan rev in relation to the tasks it has to do. Is it normal for the fan to rev up, quite significantly, if I'm in a game?

It's cool to see the CPU jump from 3.8Ghz to 4Ghz and all that, but it did make me crap myself a little, being a first time builder.

- FX-6200
- Gigabyte 970A-DS3 (mobo was shipped on Bios F1 - should I re-flash? Only bios available is F1)
- Sapphire HD 7770
- Corsair 8GB Vengeance
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  1. im not sure what heatsink\fan the fx series comes with but if its the same as the phenom ones then yes it gets pretty loud. I have a phenom 965 with a stock heatsink/fan and it sometimes gets really loud with a high pitch.

    is your heatsink/fan like this one?
  2. That's the one indeed, thanks for your help.

    No worries then. I'll just get on with enjoying my upgrades.
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