Asus maximus v gene or z77 sabertooth

im planning to upgrade my gaming rig ^^ i wanna ask which of the two is better for gaming ^^
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  1. I'm not a fan of either of those premium motherboards but among those two, I'd go with the sabertooth (because it's a full-sized ATX).
  2. can somebody help me >.< I need the best answer
  3. help me choose >.<
  4. I would recommend the Maximus V Gene over the Sabertooth. I personally do not see the practically of the Themal Armor on Sabertooth.

    And then I think you are generally better off with an ROG motherboard since you are building a Gaming PC. And the SupremeFXIII sound should be a bonus. Of course this comes in smaller uATX form factor.

    (of course that's personal opinion)
  5. thanks ^^ does it look good in phantom red full tower?

    i kinda want the maximus v formula :) but its expensive >.<
  6. I think mATX board does not look good in a huge case like the one you mentioned. But Maximus V Gene has a better overclock ability. It depends, but Maximus V Gene is a truly good board.
  7. >.< well i might go for amd am3+ motherboard crosshair v formula z.
    is there a big difference between dual 16x and dual 8x in gaming?
  8. Are you using/planning an Intel CPU or AMD CPU? You're not really making much sense here.
  9. i really want to go for intel >.< but since the maximus v gene will not look good in huge case like alex said and i forgot to say that i only like red and black theme in my build
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    Maximus v gene, very good for gaming as it is built for gaming many features that are not on all motherboards just watch this tells you everything
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