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Hey Guys,

I wanna do an extreme gaming computer and I want a little help and my budget is 5k. I've got a couple of items already picked out and I want advice. Also I'm wondering on what kind of Watercooling system to buy or the stuff I need to do it. Cause its my first time using watercooling and I don't want to screw it up. Here are the components i chose:

Computer case: Just want advice on which one to buy for the watercooling and has to look pretty EPIC :) - MoBo - CPU - video card x2

Memory: I want the 2400mzh ones but don't know which to purchase.

Power Supply: Already have the 1000Watt Coolermaster Silent pro Gold.

Hard Drive: Already have the Intel 510 Series (Elm Crest) 120g and also have a 2TB one.

Optical Drive: Already have the LG blue ray drive.

Watercooling: No sure what to go with. Example: (How much toobing do i need and stuff like that)

I'm not sure if I've got everything covered but just let me know.

Thank You
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    RAM @ $335
    Dont go water cooling or even prebuild water cooler... Get just air cooling because unless you willing to spend $1000 on water cooling... BTW when water cooling, get about 3x360 radiator and probably 1-2 x 120/240 radiator too for maximum cooling which will make your CPU even GPU stays under 70*C even OC CPU to 5GHz
    Dont get the Extreme one because it's a waste of money for gaming, the 3930k should do will and is proven to be 15% average at better things than 2700k as tomshardware reviewed it...
    Get two(2) of these for extreme performance which your 100Watts should be able to handle...
    If you dont want the Mars II video card, go with GTx 580 SLI and go with this case with WaterCooling but with the 3930k CPU unless you want to waste $400 than get 3960X...
    Note: If i were you, i'd wait for the 8Core LGA 2011 in Q1 OR i buy a 3920 and upgrade to IVB-E later in Q3/Q4 2012 which is the top high-end and will take full advantage of 22nm...
    Also, I'd wait for PCI-E 3.0 In Q3 for Nvidia(Probably Q1 for AMD/ATI) GPU which is better than PCI-E 2.0...
  2. +1 for the above advice.xtreme edition is a waste IMO.watercooling is unnecessary for these cpus.good aircooling is enough for 4ghz.watercooling that gpu is a good idea for high overclocking potential.a single 120X3 is the minimum9for both gpus) but 2x120(for single gpu) rad should be fine.
    OR wait for some time.
  3. I cannot buy the graphic card you told me cause there is none available. I live in canada so i can't buy on the american site. Where could i purchase that awesome card?

    Or if i go with the 580, which specific one should I buy?

    Thank You
  4. Just buy one that have good cooling + reviews...
  5. if you are not into insane multitasking, save some bucks and get 2600k
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