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Hello everyone. First of all, I have been doing a lot of reading over the last few days (much of it here), and am still stuck. So I'm asking on my own. This is driving me nuts and I have no more solutions. I will genuinely pay someone if they can help me resolve what my issue is; via PayPal. Let me know what your time is worth and it's done, seriously!

I have a custom built PC; specs:
Asus Striker II Extreme Mobo
MSI N250GTS Video Card
Crucial Ballistix Tracer Memory
600GB WD Velociraptor
SB Audigy 4 PRO
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conrad
Corsair 850W Gold PSU

A few months ago, the computer started to shut off during high usage (games). I monitored temps and since my motherboard has a lot of safety features, figured it was due to heat from new memory I just installed. (Went from 2x1GB DDR2 800 mHz to 4x1GB 1066 mHz. Ballistix Tracer, just more and at a higher speed. It was putting off a lot of heat and I still had stock CPU cooler/paste from years ago.) So, I added a new CPU cooler and temps are very very low, but still the same problem. I did a lot of reading and chalked it up to being the PSU which was over 5 years old. Replaced it last week, and same problem.

What happens is sometimes the PC will not post. Everything starts up, lights, fans, GPU fans, MoBo light, but no recognition from the monitor. It's very finicky and sometimes will boot fine, but not often. When it doesn't, the fans keep spooling up as if the PC is trying to post but just can't. People were saying it was a RAM problem, so two nights ago I put in the old ram (2x1GB), and it booted right up. Ran fine for 8+ hours. Started it up the next day thinking all worries were gone, and back to square 1.

My thought process:

- It definitely can not be the PSU - It's new.
- It can't be the ram, as it's very unlikely 6 sticks of ram went bad at the same time. The ballistix memory has led's on it so I can tell when the memory is working or not.
- It is likely not the CPU as it get's noticeably warm after use.

Some were saying the GPU may not be fully seated. I moved into a new slot and it booted fine twice, then back to square one. As of now, I have the mobo out of the PC on cardboard, with just 1 stick of ram, the GPU, and the CPU (no heatsink) connected. I have read that an out of date BIOS may be the problem. During this process, I've reset the BIOS numerous times. Is there any truth to this? The MoBo is about 3 years old, GPU about 1, RAM is very old, PSU is new, HD + Cable is 1 year old.

I appreciate any help anyone can give me, and like I said, your time has a dollar amount to me. I'm sick of this and ready to get this over with. HELP!
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  1. I would remove and re-seat the motherboard battery (the round silver battery) first to see if that corrects the problem (with the power cord disconnected). Doing that will re-set your BIOS settings to the default, so you'll have to re-enter any custom BIOS settings you made before.

    If that doesn't work, try replacing the motherboard battery - and re-enter any custom settings you made before.
  2. I have popped it out for a minute or so, should I leave it out for a longer time frame?
  3. I did a lot more reading on this, and also found in my email history that I installed this board 6 years ago. I think it's fair to say that it is the board; logically, as it is the only thing that is original to this build. So... I bit the bullet, and made a purchase or two... Needed a new board, CPU, DDR3 Memory and a cooler to go with it.

    Let me know what you think of my choices?


    $541.96 all together and a $20 rebate to boot!
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