SLI GTX 580 I can see them but I cant enable them :( Help Please......

I have a ASUS Deluxe Z68 Mobo I have the GTX 580 SC 3 GB in the first PCIE slot and the second one a GTX 580 1.5 GB stock card both EVGA I should mention. I have the ASUS mobo bridge connector connected to both cards. Both have Power coming from my Rocketfish SLI ready 80 silver PSU 900 watts sustained 1000 watts peak. I rebuilt my PC a few times to make sure everything has a good connection. They both show up in the device manager and NVIDIA control panel but I cannot enable them it say just to choose either my I7 2600K(CPU) or 580 (1) 580(2) for physx I even enabled the show physx visualization tab at the top of the screen and I cannot enabel sli no option to do it at all. I used drive sweeper to sweep NVIDIA files in safe mode I installed new beta driver old stable drivers. I even delleted asus suite 2 and vitruo and disabled on board graphics. Please help I 've done alot more to try and figure this out i'm just tired of writing I read other forum post and I tried all I could find. Thanks :)
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More about enable please
  1. No one has any idea what I should do???? I'm going nutz with this shizznit :/
  2. I disabled igpu in bios and epu power saver but still no luck :(
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    The problem you are having is that the two cards have different amounts of ram. They also have different clock speeds. In order to SLI two cards they have to be exactly the same.
    What you need to do is go to the Nvidia site and do a search on the site for "coolbits". This is a registry hack from Nvidia that allows you to SLI two cards with the same gpu(GTX 580 in this case) but different ram amounts and different clock speeds. This does work as I had the same cards as you do and I am able to now have them in SLI. You do need to follow the instructions exactly as you are making changes in the registry. Take your time and be patient.
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  5. Thank you so much my friend your are awesome I hope this works I have goose bumps right now I been trying so hard again thank you ahead of time ( hope it works ) and for your reply :)
  6. Did it work? Im curious about this as well.
  7. nanospy said:
    Did it work? Im curious about this as well.
    No it did not so far I change the value to 18 restarted went to control panel and no change :( I will read more into it. Man I hope this works :/
  8. So I downloaded coolbits installed it registry keys went in regedit followed nvidia instruction changed value in d word(32 bit) to 18 restarted and nothing.......but if im using windoes 7 would I not use q word (64 bit)?
  9. I dont know how to set up coolbits with a gtx 580 sli......what option do I use ??
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