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hello sir ,
in my pc my hard disk is connected with IDE cable,then when i am connecting my cd drive with ide cable,then it restarts. But when i connect the cd drive with sata cable it start. then when remove the cd drive from the mother board then it also restart. what is the problem,please give me some solution.
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  1. If you are connecting your IDE CD drive while your computer is on, you shouldn't do that. If your computer doesn't run right with an IDE CD drive connected make sure you have it strapped properly. If it is on its own IDE cable strap it for master, if it is on the same IDE cable as an IDE hard drive strap it for slave and the hard drive for master.
  2. when i am starting my pc with out connecting cd drive it doesn't start
  3. When dealing with IDE problems its best to double check your jumpers. I honestly can't figure out your problem bases on what you wrote.
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