Pc not starting, no beeps from mobo

So, my pc worked fine, then it started random freezing/not starting sometimes.
Then one day it stopped working.

- Pressing the power button turns power on but no beeps nor screen output
- Removing the ram Does make it beep to give ram error.
- After start the Psu fan goes for 2/3 seconds then stops
- No other errors
- Motherboard out of the case on a wooden plane to check if there was a contact

What you suggest to do? Is the Mobo just dead?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It might be a power supply issue. Can you test in a different PC?
    You can try also testing a different graphics card.
  2. i have both the integrated and the dedicaded gpu, and both do the same thing. The psu is new and i don't have another one unfortunately :S
  3. I tryed, no solution. The strange thing is that it beeps without ram...
  4. I have also other infos to help you help me:

    - The Mobo and CPU were from my older pc, it had these kind of problems before but it fixed itself(it didn't started for 24h, crashed randomly etch...)
    - The rams are ok, they were from my older pc and they never had problems
    - The Psu is new so I think it shouldbe ok
    - CPU is amd 955 be

    So, which is the best guess? Mobo,CPU or Psu?
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