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I cannot get my SB Live to install on my A7V motherboard. All I get is a message in my device manager that it has been hardware disabled. Can anlyone give me some advice?
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  1. SB Live in PCI slot 3?
    IRQ5 reserved in bios?
    SB16 Disabled in Device manager?
    If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you have some work to do.
    If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, try removing the device and restarting and letting windows detect it again.
    Have you installed any drivers for this card? Which ones?

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  2. I have done all of the above. I have been using the drivers that came with the boards CD. Maybe I need new drivers from Creative?

    Any other advice?
  3. The newest S/B Live drivers will resolve it or for a simple no software fix try the registry fix below, works for me every time.

    open the registry editor and the folder

    Hkey local machine\software\creativetech\deviceinfo\pci\ven_1102&DEV_0002

    add the following key to that folder


    the value of that key is 1

    so the actual registry entry should read MMX=1 in the reg folder described above.

    Please remember to back up your registry before doing this.
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