Need Gaming Processor and Mobo for $150 - 200.

So, my brother is looking to get a PC together for Star Wars: The Old Republic and Diablo 3. He doesn't really have the money, so we were thinking of putting something together for him for Christmas while remaining as close as we can to our agreed upon Christmas budget as we could. Our goal is just to get a basic PC that will boot up and surf the web, but that he can then expand out into a good gaming rig.

We've fished out a case, psu, etc that were laying around the house from old PCs. Now we just need to pick out a processor and motherboard. He can buy his own video card later.

We agreed on spending only $50 on each other this Christmas. With my brother and mother all chipping in on this, that's $150. We may be able to cheat and go as high as $200 if we need to. Also, we have a single stick of DDR3 memory we can loan him (again, he can buy more later), but we have more 8GB sticks of DDR2 laying around than we can shake a stick at. I don't know if there are decent boards that still support both or what. Probably not, but I figured I'd mention it.

Thanks for the help, and here's some other miscellaneous information:

Preferred Website: Amazon or Newegg.

Country: USA

Parts Preferences: I'd prefer AMD as I've always used them, but I have no real issue with Intel.

Overclocking: Nope.

SLI or Crossfire: No.

Monitor Resolution: Giving him a 1280x1024.

Additional Comments: Quiet would be nice, but very low priority.
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  1. i3 2100 125$
    any h61 mobo 60$
    total: hey, you know mathematics
  2. What should I be looking for in a mobo? And, any specific suggestions?
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