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I would like to setup 2 or maybe 3 monitors to the same CPU. One of the monitors is a 46inch LCD 1080 pixels 50 Hz TV. The other monitor standard VPU. I want to be able to play movies, utube etc on the TV, while surfing, working on the monitor as well. THe CPU can be located next to the TV or the monitor but one will have to be in another room therefore wireless.
My questions are
what specs do I need the CPU?
do I need 2 graphics cards?
whats the best solution for the wireless aspect?

Any help much appeciated!

Thank you
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  1. It is not clear to me how you will work on a monitor that is in a different room than your pc. A wireless portable keyboard perhaps?

    On the pc side, the integrated graphics of any sandy bridge cpu will be fine for normal work and HD movie playback. No discrete graphics card is needed for two monitors.
    The upcoming ivy bridge cpu's, I think will handle three monitors. Otherwise, you will need a discrete graphics card of minimal capability. $30 should do it.
    If you want to play fast action games, then a stronger(>$100) discrete graphics card will be appropriate. Any discrete graphics card can attach two monitors, some will attach three or more.

    To remotely connect a tv wirelessly, there are some solutions.
    Here is the first one I found:
    No doubt, there are better ones with 1080P capability and pci card adapters.

    The best solution is to find a way to run a long hdmi cable.

    There may be some solutions that use house wiring to transmit the signal.

    For the cpu, most any modern dual core cpu will do the job.
    Something like this:
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