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So, a couple weeks ago I switched everything into a different case. When doing this, I also purchased two single RPM, 120mm case fans. Now, one replaced the old case fan, a stock 80mm with a 3-pin connector to the MOBO. Now that a fan is not connected to the MOBO, it thinks that it has failed.
The comp is a HP Pavilion a6567c desktop. My issue is that the BIOS does not contain a Hardware Manager for me to be able to disable the system fan check. Now, every time my comp starts, I have to press F2 in order to get it to boot.

The information that I have for the BIOS (that I could find) is as follows:
- American Megatrends
- Version 5.23 (4/21/2008)
- SMBIOS Version (I don't know if this is needed) 2.5
The comp is a 64bit OS, WIN7. The link to the HP page for the comp is:
and they have a link for the MOBO as well.
I don't know if there is an easier fix, or if I can just flash the BIOS with a different BIOS or version, but I would need some help, it's been quite some time since I've done it.
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  1. You have to connect the CPU fan on the MB, and buy one like this "Fan power supply cable" for yor case fan.

    Because you can't disable the CPU fan check function, that means the PC will think there is not fan if you don't connect the fan to it.
  2. Well I made a stupid mistake, lol. The fans came connected already to an adapter like that and I didn't even notice. I just pulled off the adapter and we're all good now lol.
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