I7 2600k or i5 2500k

Hi all,

Planning for a new build but not sure which one is better (i5 or i7) please help. below is my specs and usage details.

its a gaming build but will be using it for educational purposes also.

processor : i7 2600k or i5 2500k
mb: asus p8z68 v
psu: corsair gs700 gaming series
graphics :HD 6870
Ram corsair dominator 8gb(4x2)
corsair 120gb sata3 ssd + 1tb segate baracuda.

1.)gaming (a decent graphics performance is enough)
2.)will be overclocking
3.)will be installing mutiple OS (mostly linux) for a oracle grid over VMware for educational and testing purposes.

my main question is will i7 better for oracle Grid infra or is i5 more than enough. since i7 has 8 threads will it be an advantage while installing multiple OS.

any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. I5 will be waaaaaayyyy sufficient.
  2. Do not spend money in a 2600k build, stick with the 2500k
  3. for gaming 2500k is enough but what about for enterprise applications for educational purposes can the applications run better on i7 than i5. also i plan to keep this build for 3+ years with may be a few enhancements (crossfire). thank you all for the replies.
  4. If you have apps that are multi-threaded, the 2600k's HT will be of great help, if not save the cash and get the 2500k.

    Also the XFX Core Edition PSU's have it all over the Corsairs on price / performance.

    Suggest the Corsair vengeance low profile over the dominators.

    Worth considering as an SSD / HD alternative
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