1600mhz ram showing up as 1333mhz

Hey guys so I have
16GB 2x8gb sticks of G.SKILL RIPJAWS 1600mhz installed in my asus p8z77-v-deluxe,

now in the bios it shows its running at 1600mhz

however in CPUZ it shows 667mhz ????

As well as in the asus AI utility it shows 667mhz... x2 = 1333mhz :(

i tried bumping up the voltage to 1.65v on the dram ... no luck :(

any suggestions ?

here are some screenshots asus utility

cpuz screenshot

please help me with this issue ....


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  1. You need to enable XMP in BIOS. You may also need to set the speed to DDR3 1600 under memory options in BIOS. Hopefully you have 1.5v memory and if so make sure you leave it at that.
  2. Where do I enable that on my motherboard ?
  3. In your BIOS under memory options or memory management. Look in your motherboard book.
  4. If it shows as 1600MHz in the BIOS then I would think it's running at 1600MHz.

    What does MEMTEST say? ( www.memtest.org )
    (You should run Memtest to test your RAM anyway OR you can also run the Windows 7 tool, Google or run HELP to figure that out. Start the memory diagnostic in Win7 and reboot).

    - update BIOS if needed
    - XMP profile, as mentioned (verify both frequency AND proper timings)
  5. it in the ai autoclock setting in the bios. it the tab called dram speed/timing. click on it and it bring up words..auto/xmp profile#1
  6. Bumping Voltage will not change DRAM frequency, you need to manually set DRAM frequency in BIOS/EFI. You purchased qualified hardware, so all you need to do is enable XMP profile and everything should be ready to go.

    Here is a link to give you an idea of how/where to do it:


    Thank you
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