7,200 & 5,400 RPM HDD Mix'n'Match


I've had a 30GB IBM Deskstar that spins at 7,200 for a while now, and my old hdd; a Quantum Fireball 15GB 5,400 is just languishing in retirement.

Thing is, i'd like to install it as a slave to my Primary IBM for backup purposes. Will this in any way affect the spin speed of the IBM if a attach it as a slave to the same IDE port? I don't want to use up my secondary master slot as a DVD and CD-RW are taking that up and performing very nicely thank you!

So, what gives? Is this gonna be alright?

Any answers will be mucho appreciated


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  1. Adding the drive isn't going to slow the spin speed of the IBM but it will impact overall performance. If you are a performance junkie just slave a Cdrom drive to it instead.
  2. It will , not the spin but the performance!
    BTW isn´t the IBM a UltraDMA 100 and the Quantum UltraDMA 66?
    Are you serious about putting the Quantum on tag?

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  3. Performance may be lowered because the 5400 RPM drive will take up some of the "bandwidth."

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