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7,200 & 5,400 RPM HDD Mix'n'Match

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February 9, 2001 7:11:40 PM


I've had a 30GB IBM Deskstar that spins at 7,200 for a while now, and my old hdd; a Quantum Fireball 15GB 5,400 is just languishing in retirement.

Thing is, i'd like to install it as a slave to my Primary IBM for backup purposes. Will this in any way affect the spin speed of the IBM if a attach it as a slave to the same IDE port? I don't want to use up my secondary master slot as a DVD and CD-RW are taking that up and performing very nicely thank you!

So, what gives? Is this gonna be alright?

Any answers will be mucho appreciated


February 9, 2001 7:13:52 PM

Adding the drive isn't going to slow the spin speed of the IBM but it will impact overall performance. If you are a performance junkie just slave a Cdrom drive to it instead.
February 9, 2001 8:27:13 PM

It will , not the spin but the performance!
BTW isnĀ“t the IBM a UltraDMA 100 and the Quantum UltraDMA 66?
Are you serious about putting the Quantum on tag?

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