Graphics Card Recommendation For Pentium Dual Core

Hello There, what graphics card would you recommend for a PC with a
Pentium Dual Core E5800 3.2 Ghz (i was able to overclock it to 3.4 GHZ on the BIOS)
1366 x 768 LED monitor.
500 Watt Generic Power Supply

My son wants a card like a GTX 560 but should i?
I'm learning about computers and i need some advice.
Will that card be "bottlenecked" by this CPU?

For Some Games and HD Movies.

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    for the resolution GTX550 Ti should be enough but you might need better PSU. GTX560 is simply overkill for such resolution but i think the cpu bottleneck is more a concern at such resolution with GTX560 with your current processor.
  2. All right, i will change the Power Supply, a GTX 550 Ti seems like a good idea but i don't get what you mean about the whole bottleneck situation, i've been reading and
    i still don't get it, you mean that at this resolution 1366 x 768 the processor is a bottleneck and the Graphics Card won't perform as it should?.
  3. normally at low resolution cpu will have more impact on gaming performance. it's not a big problem but it does hold the card true performance. the bottleneck effect can be simply reduce/eliminate by OCing the processor.
  4. Your system a C2D is very similar to mine but you went for the GTX460 do you play
    at 1080p resolution and that doesn't bottleneck?
  5. i played at 1600x900. at stock clock (2.93Ghz) my processor did bottleneck the card that's why i push my processor up to 3.6Ghz to eliminate the bottleneck effect
  6. Oh Well, i Just ordered the EVGA 550 ti and i'll get that PSU tomorrow,
    thanks renz496 you saved the day.
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  8. just make sure you get good quality PSU. corsair, antec, FSP group are few company that make good quality PSU.
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