Can this system run Swtor?

Can this computer run swtor. NOTE: I don't need High end graphics, I am completely fine with low settings on everything, including low resolution. If you don't know what game I am talking about, it is star wars: the old republic.
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  1. Can soeone answer?
  2. That's not a gaming system for sure. It might run the game, but I don't think it's going to be a great experience in terms of GFX and/or gameplay smoothness. Do you own this system or are you planning a purchase?
  3. i own it.
  4. I knew that this might be a problem, so I went to best buy to maybe get something like this

    The guy said that the power supply that the computer would not handle it, and I would need to upgrade my whole computer. I don't know if he was trying to rip me off or something, but then someone on the swtor forums said that the card on newegg would run on my computer no problem
  5. I don't know about the kind of headroom these systems have (probably minimal), but that GPU is a low end solution and it doesn't even require an extra power connector. That means it doesn't draw much power, but it's also not very powerful :P I'd recommend at least 6670, preferably 6770. Those parts might require a new PSU just to be safe. An Antec 380W would suffice.
  6. Your 3650 has a TDP of 78 Watts.
    A 6670 has a TDP of 63 Watts.
    Your current PSU is fine.

    I would suggest running it on your system as is at first. If you feel like upgrading, you can always pick up a 6570 or a 6670 down the road. BTW, go with the DDR5 version in either case, it's a pretty big jump for the marginal price difference.

    Also, something like that $50 video card you linked would cost like $150 at a best buy...
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