Painting My GPU Backplate

alright i didnt know where to post this but...

I want to paint my EK7970 backplate with 2 red stripes down the length of the backplate or possibly paint a pre made stencil.

now, is this possible? what paint should i use? just regular spray paint?
i will obviously tape it up etc and paint it properly, i just need to know whether the paint will crack or rub off after painted on, will the temperatures in the case cause a negative effect? eg is there a process for painting? eg paint over backplate then add a layer of something else etc etc etc...

Many thanks in advance to replies.

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  1. ok seriouseley i wouldnt paint the backplate because its going to get warm and then cold and it will crack and peel of the paint also i wouldnt because you might spray everywhere and damage your card. LOVE YOUR CARD :)
  2. use high temp paint, like brake caliper paint or engine paint.
  3. ^This
  4. ah yeah i wasnt going to put the backplate on the card then spray it! lol,

    i would have the plate as it is by itself and wrap it then paint it. but what you said about the cracking/peeling was what my father said about it so was rather hesitant.

    thank you cia24, i will look more into this!
  5. Ask not if it can be done, research and find the way you can do it,
    Good going Spawn :)
  6. or fake it, and place two lines of something else on top of the card, red electricians tape? Red plastic? Painted red something else?
  7. Nah, I reckon red leccy tape would shrivel under the heat,
    and its a bitch to get the stuff off once you grow bored of it :P
  8. if High temp paint wont work, your doing something wrong. Be sure to rough up the surface first, use high temp primer, and then high temp paint.
  9. Yeah ima go all out and do the unthinkabld;)

    You were right moto, "once you start watercooling, you are almost automatically inducted into the modding circle"

  10. Hehe, I actually mean that from a necessity point of view, like cutting cage out to fit a 360 rad for example,
    but aesthetics is often a very important a part of the project, I know my builds have to look 'just right' so yes once you pop you just can't stop :P
    and pics of the process might inspire others to follow suit hint hint :)
  11. arrived today when i got home from work,the backplate is very nicely finished.
    ALSO the I/O bracket is very solid and looks really slick:D
    Will have to roughen up the section that i am to paint i think, so will look further into it this weekend, and might possibly start.

    " class="img lazy">


  12. I can't draw I know,and paint/photobucket has decided to flip the image too :P
    I think you should go for infilling the 'FC7970' as well

  13. By George that looks good:)

    Yeah i was considering that too, so just need to figure out how i would safely tape the plate to paint the "7970".
    Will possibly paint the 'EK', '7970' and 2 stripes. = perfect:)

    I put some tape on it before to line it up to get a jist of how it would look, and then had lots of difficulty removong the tape and left a couple of scratch marks:( but you only noticed when shined in light... So it will still look good in case:D

  14. The perspective got flipped so it looks out of line lol, but you obviously get the idea,
    if you are using electrical tape or similar to mask the area's off, try removing some of the adhesive by taping the tape to a clean spare surface, then removing a few times, thats should leave you with a low enough tack for the painting without leaving residue on the block afterwards,
    I use painters tape as its already low tack, but as always we can work with whats to hand :)
    as for the FC7970 part, use tracing/grease-proof paper to stencil the text, then transfer that to tape, cut carefully with a sharp knife (is it exacto knives you call them?**Sorry, thought you were a US member)
    then tape in place for painting, if doing it all in one seems hard, do one character at a time then tape over any 'missed' bits before painting
  15. Yeah i will go to bunnings possibly tomorrow, probably use sandpaper to sand it down. As i cant think of anythin else.
    We call them "Stanely Knifes" which i have plenty of, as i need them for work.
    Appreciate the tips!
  16. You're a UK member as well then?
    yup, stanley is your mate hehe make sure its a fresh blade for a clean cut
    I'm a leatherman guy myself
    light sanding remember, you don't want to scratch too deeply, or remove your stencil edges
  17. No im an Aussie maaaaateeeeee. lol. From Perth.
    yeah i will use a fresh blade, dont want to risk a blunt blade then ruining the stencil, I will have a look for a lighter sanding paper in the store but if none, then ill just take it slowly:D
    I will upload process and hopefully finished product once its Perfect!
    hopefully nothing goes wrong!
  18. Take your time and nothing will :)
  19. Here is some pics with it TAPED. Before deciding whether to paint it or just tape it properly.
    I taped it with 2 stripes equally going over PART of the EK logo in the middle.
    Then i was suggested to by a family member to put 3 stripes in total, so i chucked 1 in down the middle. which i had to cut to make the EK logo visible.







    By the looks of things i will most likely just keep the tape, looks just as good. and is pretty durable, then again, if it does peel whatnot, then i will definitely paint it.

    What are peoples thoughts on the stripes? 2 or 3?
  20. That looks really good but if you are using three stripes try widening the amount of black between the stripes to make it more balanced in look, just a suggestion
  21. Yes i will this is just a flimsy, so when it comes to final, ill be measuring it all properly and double layering the tape.
    It will also be underlit with red leds:)
  22. justspawn said:
    Yes i will this is just a flimsy, so when it comes to final, ill be measuring it all properly and double layering the tape.
    It will also be underlit with red leds:)

    It sounds like it will really 'pop' in your rig cant wait to see it completed and installed.
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