AMD Bulldozer 8 core proccesor Liquid Cooling

What would I use to cool one of these down? Ive looked around but I'm not sure. I don't need to OC it I just want to keep it cool for when I'm on a very long time.
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  1. Use a corsair h100 or a XSPC rasa watercooling kit.
  2. Yea a Antec or Corsair Closed Water loop Cooler will work perfect for you, Unless your Over Clocking, i don't see a need for a Full blown water kit
  3. Hi :)

    If you will NEVER OVERCLOCK, then the standard cpu heatsink and fan will be fine...

    Dont waste your money on anything else...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Hyper 212 EVO <

    Keeps my 8120 plenty cool even with overclock. :D
  5. My bad it was on my list.
  6. ^^

    Dang it lol ,that's a 5 month old thread Area51!!!
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