DIsclaimer on Hacking WEP Part 2

Hey riser - looks like the editors at Tom's decided to try to do the right thing:
From the Part 2 article:
Accessing anyone else's network other than your own without the network owner's consent is illegal. TomsNetworking, Tom's Guides Publishing and the author do not condone or approve of illegal use of this tutorial in any way
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  1. No. What they are doing is covering there own asses. If that disclaimer wasn't there when the article was originally posted then the lawyers jumped in and had that snippet added. A message saying they don't condone something they just told you how to do is not doing the right thing.
  2. It's good for this. I doubt the lawyers got involved in that one as it's common sense to put that disclaimer on there. I was kind of shocked to see his article come out defending the wep cracking article. I noticed the Wireless Insecurity article has been sitting on the front page a while now..
  3. The attorney comment was more for effect than anything. I give the Tom's Hardware staff enough credit that they knew they were potential liability issues involved with the disclaimer. My point was this wasn't some altruistic gesture on their part.
  4. Thanks for setting me straight. What was I thinking!
    You are always the optimist, at least claiming to know the truth of a situation in deferance to other less realistic twits simply by virtue of your well seasoned experience. In this case "the right thing" certainly includes covering their arses which they didn't do before. It may however, also include other concerns which you (and I) can only provide conjecture on.
  5. Twit :)

    This post is strictly for users to read. Replying to this post may bring legal action against you for whatever since the world is sue happy. My lawyer says so.
  6. Holy schnikes! Did I say Twit?
    I meant dweeb or dolt. Sorry if anyone got insulted :lol:
    This post is intended to be taken with a grain of salt or if you prefer a good stiff drink, or both if you prefer being sick to your stomach. The author of this post thinks he knows enough to make his way in life but his current position in society has surely proven that notion to be wholey without merit.
  7. Extended DIsclaimer:
    The author of this post also had a bad day which was topped off by seeing the film version of The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. After he left the theater the author of this post flew to the UK where he used the hitchkers Guide he recently purchased to locate 1. a hardware store and 2. the grave site of Douglas Adams.
    Upon locating the grave site he used the new shovel he just purchased at a local hardware store to exhume Mr. Adams grave. Sure enough, when he opened the casket he observed Mr. Adams rolling around as if his hawaiian shirt were on fire. So instead of trying to stop this activity the author of this post decided to join in and roll around as well since it appeared that showing agreement was the thing to do in this situation.

    No dolphins were harmed during the exhumation since they have all apparently left the planet under mysterious circumstances. Oh, and the grave site was no where near water. Hmmmm.
  8. No more sugar for you.
  9. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Welcome to my Shed of Pleasure
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