Cleared CMOS while system running...

So my friend accidentally hit his clear CMOS button while plugging in an Ethernet cable to his desktop. This caused the desktop to restart.

He says he is now unable to boot past BIOS. Once he leaves BIOS, he says he gets a blue screen within 2 seconds. He said he tried to re-apply his overclock settings so i thought maybe it's an unstable overclock, and told him to go into BIOS and load optimal defaults. He then said that didn't do anything.

I have told him to turn off the computer, unplug it, and then clear CMOS, and try turning it on then.

I've never dealt with this problem before, so any ideas if the above doesn't work?

PS - I don't know what his exact motherboard model is, I will try to supply this later. I believe it's a Z77 chipset if I recall correctly though.
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    Hi, tell him to try setting SATA to IDE in BIOS.
  2. Clearing cmos the right way didn't work he said.

    Ill have him try to use ide mode. Would removing usb devices help?
  3. My guess is that Windows was installed in IDE mode and by resetting the CMOS, SATA switched to AHCI, therefore the blue screen.
  4. It worked! Thank you.

    Does ide make hdd's perform worse than achi or no?
  5. If HDD, it pretty doesn't matter in terms of HDD speed. If SSD, he should switch to AHCI with the Microsoft fix or the regedit trick.
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