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i have dual core 2.6,2 gb,and geforce 9600 can i run latest games like mass efect 3,batman arkham city,run etc if not so please tell me the easy way to play latest games in cheapest price i will thanking to u........
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  1. no, you cannot, and even if you can it would be a low resolution and low setting. Look at the recommended requirements of these games:
    Batman AA: will need a better GPU, and minimum 3GB of ram, your CPU is technically fine but will bottleneck most mid-grade GPUs on the market so it should be upgraded.

    mass effect 3: Again, the GPU needs to be at least a 9800GT to play the way it was intended (I know my 9800GT and Core2Duo had a rough time with mass effect 2 in high action spots, and I can't imagine 3 taking any less system resources)

    See if your motherboard can do a Core2Quad (the later the revision the better), make sure you have a minimum of 4GB of ram, and upgrade to a modern $150 or better GPU, and get a 64bit OS (if you don't have one already) to better leverage your hardware. This will get you able to play games at decent settings, but honestly, it is time to do a core upgrade of your system (mobo, CPU, Ram, GPU, and possibly your power supply). You can do a decent core upgrade for ~$400-500.
  2. you can probably run these games although with low graphics.
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