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I am working on a project for my computer science degree and have run into a problem.

My project is to control a small chicle over the internet. Currently I have it all working except the fact that I am unable to power my IP camera by a battery pack.

On the actually camera it states DC 5V and on the power adapter it states OUTPUT 5V===2000mA

This is what I have bought so far

5v regulator

Battery holder

Rechargeable batteries

If anyone has any ideas how i can get this IP camera running off batteries then please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your Ic only supports 1A. Your camera need 2A.
    You need something like this:

    you will need to give it more than 5V to ensure proper regulation, this one has a minimum of 8, you might get by with 7.2V (6 1.2V rechargeable cells) but 7 would make it up to spec at 8.4V (wired in series). May need a heat sink on the ic. Theoretical 100% efficiency would give you 3360 mAh at 5V I think? or 1.68 hours of runtime if it actually pulls 2A@5V. so maybe an hour and a half realistically.

    I only do hobby electronics, there are plenty of people here who know more than I do. Also, there are other sites that are dedicated sites for these things.

    Be careful, it is easy to fry stuff when you make custom power supplies....
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