Skip ad?????

This used to be a good web site.

I had a problem a few months back with a pop-up ad covering the screen and not going away.

Now I keep getting a gray screen that says "skip ad". The first few times in a session it will work, but eventually it gets stuck there.

I'm perplexed. This is the kind of thing you'd do if you don't want people to come to your site.

I'm using FireFox and Opera in Linux, and it happens to both. I've tried disabling cookies, enabling cookies, yada, yada, yada. Visiting a web page should not be this much trouble.
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  1. Have you tried using an add blocker add on for firefox? I'm using an add blocker for opera and I do not get any of that. Perhaps that's worth a try.
  2. Do you know which ad it is causing you the issue?
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