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Hello, I just recently built a PC with an i7-2600k CPU. I also installed a Hyper evo 212 cooler with it. At idle Core 1- 30 core 2- 26 core 3- 31 core 4- 32. I know these temps are good temps but should my 2nd core be that low? even on load core 2 sometimes will be 3-5 degrees in difference.
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  1. Yes that is fine. I have seen temperatures as far as 4c from one core to another on my Intel® Core™ i7-2600K.

    Christain Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. I wish I knew why myself, my core temps are never the exact same. I guess (and Enthusiast would know better) that the cores never get the exact voltages with the exact same amout of thermal paste at the exact time (with who knows what other variables in play). Kinda like your two feet, you never maintain 50% pressure on each foot when standing still or walking. (Hey, I just thought that analogy up, don't hate!! Haha)
  3. Perfectly normal. My 2600K is idling on 22 24 26 25 right now. Probably so low since it's only 65 F in here
  4. You get all the credit Scottie I won't copy. lol and thanks for the replies. Alright I wanted to be sure that everything was okay. Thanks. I'm in Florida and its 80 outside and 77 in doors.
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