Is a sound card worth getting?

I am running a middle-class Windows 7 pc. With a Core i5 processor, decent graphics card. Just wondering if I should purchase a sound card or not?
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  1. It depends on your speakers... There are speakers of which you can only take full advantage of them with a decent sound card like those with a THX certificate though i have heard plenty of times that the THX certificate sometimes doesn't mean nothing... i am not a sound expert, not even close but from my personal experience i have only noticed differences between onboard and add-on sound cards with programs like fruity loops and other digital audio workstations because a decent sound card can process much more sounds at the same time and they normally have some features not available on onboard sound cards like the different types of sound effects. But if you want a sound card for games, music and watching movies i believe you wont notice much difference, maybe you can get some advanced EAX effects but i am not sure, still, if you ask me if it's worth it, i say that to me it's not but i am sure a lot of guys will disagree with me... wait for more replies...
  2. And by the way, when i said that the difference wouldn't be much when playing some games, listening music and watching movies i really meant it but if you are an audiophile than it's worth it... i sometimes forget that those guys exist =P
  3. wouldnt have it any other way!I'm still using my XF-I fatality and the sound is immensly better than my onboard,clearer,richer.I will never go back to onboard sound.I know some dont like creative,but i for 1 have never had an issue with there software.On a side note,Creative is just releasing new sound cards.:

  4. Can anyone give me some good sound card recommendations for PCIe 2.0 x4
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