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ASRock Extrem4 - Work with IvyBridge??

Basically my title says it all... i have an ASRock extrem4. if a year from now i want a new ivybridge CPU, will i be able to use my asrock or will i need a new mobo and cpu to upgrade? i've seen some things say yes, some say no. i dont know if anyone really knows...
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    Nobody knows. Only when Intel releases Ivy Bridge and the motherboard manufaturers get a crack at them will we know what companies will provide BIOS updates for what boards.

    Hypothetically, yes, you should be able to run IVB on a Z68 chipset, as long as the BIOS is released for CPU support. I'm in the same waiting game with my Gigabyte Z68...
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  3. Thank you good sir (or ma'am). Glad I could help.
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