Can someone help me with my hardware compatibility?

Hello, I have a question about compatibility.

I am engaging in my first computer build, and I'm a little nervous, so I just need reaffirmation on the compatibility of the parts.

I am planning on putting an ASUS P8Z77-V LK motherboard in it, and it has an LGA 1155 Socket, and I am pretty sure that it supports the I7 2600 3.4GHz processor. The part that I am nervous about is the GPU.

Will my motherboard be able to support the MSI N660 Ti PE GeForce GTX that I want to use?

If you respond, thank you.

(P.S., I wasn't sure where to put the question, so I just filed it under motherboards, sorry.)
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  1. You would be correct in saying that it supports the i7 2600. And to answer your question, yes your graphics card should work perfectly with your motherboard and your CPU. Just make sure to get a PSU that is sufficient enough and you should be on your way! Have fun building your first computer :)
  2. Ok, thank you. And I am planning on getting an 850 psu for the build. That helped, thanks :)
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