(2) GTX 470s i SLI mode and PSU size

I got a thermaltake TR2 RX 850watt power supply running (2) sata hd's, amd 1090t, 16gb ram, (1) sata bluray player, (1) PNY GTX470. I added another pny gtx 470 last night and after a few minutes my computer just shutdown on its own. Could it be because the powersupply isnt big enough to run all that and if so what size do i need?
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  1. It should be enough but could be faulty.
  2. Yea thats what geeksquad said that it should be enought to run everything i had with (2) gtx470s in sli mode but the computer just up and shutdown on its own. I had all displays ( 2 monitors on one card and my tv on the other) and everything was showing my desktop so i know the cards work but the power supply is brand new though. I jsut bought it last night as well.
  3. Yea according to that site it says recommended 718w so i got a 850w and thats more than recommended but not sure.
  4. 850 watt is enough but TT does not have the best track record although the TR2's are supposedly decent. I believe in your case it is not able to deliver its max power therefore it shut down.
  5. Yea and thats what im guessing as well. It sucks though cause i guess im just gonna have t go out and splurge for a 1200w power supply. I liked that one cause it was only like $141. You or anyone else that reads this post have any suggestions?
  6. its always a bit sketchy pushing a psu close to its limits. use those psu calculators to get an average and then aim for about 150w above. some may say this is overkill, and maybe right. but its hard to tell when their is a bit of contoversy over the efficiency rating on psu's. some people say that all psu's give the power they state, they are just wasting excess power when they are under a fairly heavy load, and some say that they cant actually provide the power they state. so for example a 80+ efficency rated 1000w psu can only supply up to around 800w efficiently, once you start drawing more than that some of the power gets wasted and cant be used. im not sure how well ive worded that and to be honest im not to sure on it all myself so i just like to make sure i am a nice chunk within my psu's stated wattage.

    one thing ive learned over the years is that the psu is the most important part of the system because if it isnt putting out enough power it can cause so many problems. also when they blow they can destroy the hardware in your computer - trust me its happened to me and that was a sad day :(

    in short - dont skimp on psu's!!

    Not your exact same model but the whole TR2-RX series must be faulty somehow:

    According to our methodology, Thermaltake TR2 RX 750 W cannot deliver its labeled wattage. It burned after one minute delivering 750 W at a room temperature a little bit above 45º C. Thinking that we may have got a defective unit, we asked Thermaltake another sample, which burned exactly the same way. In both units the component that burned was one of the +12 V rectifiers.(...) Conclusions: Thermaltake TR2 RX 750 W is, according to our methodology, a flawed product that must be avoided at all costs. It can’t deliver its labeled wattage at high temperatures, but this is not the worst of it: ripple and noise level are way above the maximum allowed when you pull 80% or more from the unit’s labeled capacity(i.e., 600 W and above), overloading your components (especially electrolytic capacitors from the motherboard and video cards), which can cause your PC to present an erratic behavior (crashes and random resets) and, under extreme conditions, damage components.
  8. ^ That explains it !
  9. rolli59 said:
    ^ That explains it !

    Yea and that's probably the same issue with my psu. It sucks but oh we'll. Hopefully there's nothing wrong with any of the hardware now that this has happened.

    To rolli59, I like this psu's and was looking at them but I was thinking of expansion for later though. What would be something at a higher wattage you would recommend?
  10. I had the same issue with my gtx470 rig and an apevia beast 680 psu. I replaced with a 750 seasonic and it has been fine.
  11. Here is a couple
    But in all reality 850 watts is good even for 2 x GTX580 in SLI looking away from the Furmark test (obnormal never seen in real use) in this bench
  12. im running 2x570's in SLI with a corsair 750w fine

    corsair for psu's theres no other choice
  13. rolli59 said:
    Here is a couple
    But in all reality 850 watts is good even for 2 x GTX580 in SLI looking away from the Furmark test (obnormal never seen in real use) in this bench

    I think i might look into that corsair pro. i know it may be overkill but i just want to make sure it has plenty of power.
  14. I have a 2x 470's and a Coolermaster GX750watt PSU along side:
    4 HDD's (80Gb, 250GB, 500GB and a 1.5TB)
    Blu-Ray DVD Player
    Couple of USB's plugged in (Mouse, K/board, Printer, external HDD, Joystick/Xbox Gamepad)
    (Main Specs in my sig)

    Has been running now over a year, no stutters, nothing... Very confident and happy with it. People said it'll fall over at the first hurdle, blow it ruin your system within weeks, over a year later........
    Would even go as far as to say its on average on about 15-20 hours a day aswell..

    I wouldn't go for anything less, but to be honest, I wouldn't spend double the amount on a PSU for the same power, i.e. this Coolermaster cost me £100, a corsair with the same power was £220.. and had less connectors..

    Im not saying get an unknown make for £20, but something quite decent is sufficient (in my experience and view)
  15. Well guess im no longer in need of a new power supply right now cause that Thermaltake i had fried one of my gtx470's. My original DOESN'T work now cause the PSU fried it but the new gtx470 i got does still work. Not sure why it would fry one of the cards but it did. And now i cant get another gtx470 cause they dont make em anymore.
  16. So you are waiting for the TT to fry the other one?
  17. no i took that piece of crap psu out my dang desktop and gonna take it back today and give them a piece of my mind. My graphics card wasnt that old either. I bout it Jan 7th this year.
  18. If it is only 10 months old it should be under warranty.
  19. Yea ive emailed PNY tech support to find out. Just waiting to hear back from them is all.
  20. No reason for them not to honor it!
  21. yea thats what im saying. Someone gonna do something cause theres no reason for it to fry like it did. The power supply is SLI ready supposedly and its got the correct amount of 6pin cables and the motherboard is SLI ready and the video cards are capable of actually doing 3 way SLI.
  22. Well as per Thermaltake they said send the videocard and powersupply to them and they will test it and determin if its the powersupply that caused it. If it is they will work with me on replacing or refunding the money or the card for the videocard. If its not then i pay them on the return fee to have it shipped back to me. If it is the powersupply thats defective then they will send me a new powersupply which will be the same model power supply.
  23. Lol based on the review linked to earlier I would not want their exact same PSU although their offer is good.
  24. Yea thats waht i told him. lol.. But i did go to best buy and take the pSU back and plus since my video card was PNY and it had a 1 yr warranty on it they gave me my money back for the PSU card in cash but the video card they gave me back $325 on a gift card. So im pretty happy. They did it with out hassel so i cant really say anything bad about them right now.

    So dont need a power supply right now since i still have my previous 850w. So im in the market for a video card now but my limit is $450. May can stratch it to $500 but pushing it. I do have a few links posted but im limited to whats on the best buy website.

    Option 1 -

    Option 2 -

    Option 3 -

    Whats everyones thoughts? Take in account i have the Asus M4N98TD Evo motherboard SLI ready and PCI E 2.0
  25. the radeon 6950 doesnt seem to be available on the website right now though
  26. You get more performance out of the GTX570.
  27. In what ways? What you mean? Sorry for the dumb sounding questions just wanting to make sure i get my moneys worth is all. But can you tell me how you arrived at that i get more performance out of the 570? Just curious is all. Just want to know the difference between the two is all.
  28. Oh and do we know when nvidia is coming out with the 600 series?
  29. Best answer
  30. oh ok cool. Now i see. I tried looking some up on toms hardware but most of all i found was them trying to SLI them together for performance. Does anyone know of when the 600 series is coming out and if i should wait if its not too long from know for the release date?
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