Z77 Extreme4 Build - Build Advice / Tips?

Hi all, I just got together all the parts for my new build. They are:

Z77 Extreme4 mobo
3770K CPU
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler
2 x 8GB Ripjaws X DDR3 1600 RAM
128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD (o/s and apps)
2TB Caviar Black (data drive)
Corsair HX650 Pro power supply
ASUS BW-12B1ST Blu-ray writer
Antec P280 case
No graphics card to start
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

It's been 5 years since my last build, and that was a Core2Duo and Windows XP Pro 32-bit system, no SSD. Things have changed a lot.

So what is the recommended order of installing parts on the mobo? When do I hook up the PSU to make sure the mobo is working and update the BIOS? Sorry I know these are elementary build questions, but I want to do this right.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. the best building pc tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea_bs5G1yYU
  2. what you want to do is take the cpu out of the shipping box and take the mb out and take off the cpu cover first.with a flashlight and a magnifier glass make sure the mb was shipped and there no bent pins on the mb. if the mb looks fine then drop the cpu in..carefully and lock it down..if done right there should not be a lot of force getting the latch back under the screw. install the cpu heat sink you may need an extra hand. have some paper towels and rubbing alcohol ready in case you put more then a dab on the cpu and it squeezes out like peanut butter sandwich. make sure the fan locked in and connected to the mb cpu fan header. install the ram next and then place the mb on top of the mb shipping box. connect the 24 and 8 pin/4 pin atx power. on new power supply there may be one 8 pin cable that you have ot break in 1/2 if the port 4 pin on your mb or there 2 four pin cables that make one 8 pin cable. the two 6 plus 2 cables are for the video cards. with the power supply connected take a paper clip or flat head screwdriver and tuch the power pins on the mb header. the mb if it fine should post..when it posts hit the del key or f1 go into the bios. with a fat32 formatted usb stick have the newest bios on the usb stick and go into the bios advance mode there a bios update program built into the bios. use that to update the bios if needed. once the flashing program starts the mb going to reset and may be off for a min or two then boot. you have to hit f1 and go into the bios and hit reset to default settings. do that and reboot. go back into the bios. turn on xmp profile and make sure the intel sata ports are set to achi mode. (if your not going to raid any hard drives). save and exit and turn the mb off by turning off the ps. on the computer case install the i\o shield first then the mb standoffs. then put the power supply in first and feed the cables though the case in the cable management slots. then install the mb. you may need an extra hand to push slightly on the mb. so that you can line up the outside mb standoffs. (make sure the i\o shield grounding fingers dont hit the mb or any of the ports and short the mb out.) with the mb slightly screwed down check under the mb to make sure any after market fan is not shorting to the mb tray. if it fine the screw the mb down but dont over tighten. then plug in the mb case cables and power. the last cables you want to connect are the sata power and data cables there easy to snap off.
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