Considering a new router

Hello, I'm shopping for new routers here and I'm pretty specific on what I want.
1. Atheros network processor
2. Wireless N (not draft N)
3. Gigabit Ethernet
4. DD-WRT full support
5. 2.4/5GHz
6. And it has to be a good brand like Netgear, Linksys/Cisco or Asus. (I hate D-Link)

So if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!! :D
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  1. And under $100 would be great.
  2. Due to your Network Processor restriction there really is only one that will fit. Most routers use Broadcom processors nowadays.

    Why the processor restriction?

    One of the best DD-WRT routers the WRT54G runs on Broadcom
  3. Well, I just like Atheros better than Broadcom and I really want to get what I paid for. I was thinking about the Asus NT-16 but it still had Draft N. That router actually works perfect! Thanks!!
  4. the ASUS NT-16 uses a Broadcom BCM4718 processor
  5. Yeah, that's another reason why I didn't get it.
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