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I've noticed that whenever people here post new pc builds or make mother recommendations that 90% of the time they recommend ASRock boards, usually the Extreme 4. My question is what makes ASRock so good that it's recommended this often? I've heard some people say that they're thinner than others or that they have a higher percentage of RMA's. Are these really that much of a better value than brands like Asus, Gigabye, or MSI? Many thanks for your thoughts!
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    Asrock is a value line(so to speak like ECS and some others).

    They offer features found on many Asus and Gigabyte boards at a lower cost.

    This helps them get LOTS of recommendations.

    It does not hurt that the boards they make are generally very good quality as well.

    Since they have come to market, the boards they make are getting better and better as well.
  2. They make good budget boards.
  3. The point is if the board satisfies once need at a lower price-point with all the features then why not that board,considering other factors as well like RMA.Not everybody needs heavy over-clocks 24*7.Z77 Extreme6 is an example,good board with lot of features and good for overclocking as well.If one has more money to spend then he can look for even better ones like MSI Mpower Z77,Asus P8Z77 V Pro,Asrock Z77 OC Formula and more.
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