Would this computer be a good buy?

I am making this post in regard to this computer that one of my good friends will probably purchase, I would very much appreciate it if anybody could give some advice to whether this is a good purchase and the pros and cons of it.
Here is the link: http://www.novatech.co.uk/pc/range/revolutionv2.html
Thanks a lot for your time
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  1. without an OS it costs roughly $740 to build, so idk the conversion to euro but thats the cost of parts. The only thing that bothers me is i dont know novatech as a company so the power supply worries me. Other thoughts, 750W is overkill for psu in that system given that you cant add another videocard for xfire on that particular mobo.
  2. Thanks a lot for the help, I thought that the wattage on the PSU seemed a bit over the top
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