Pci express 2.0 extender card

Does anyone know a a pci express 2.0 card riser(cable preferred) that will support a HD 6970. I will be building a custom case to house my computer and eed something like this to move my video card away from the mobo.

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  1. what do you mean are you buying card for pci-e 2.0 or what?
  2. I have the hd 6970 already, but the case i am building requires i to be about 3 to 4 inches away from the motherboard. The only way i see this as possible is with a riser card, but i can only find pci express 1.1 riser cards/cables.

    So my question is, does anyone know of a pci express 2.0 rser card, or will the pci express 1.1 riser card work with the 6970?
  3. Sounds like your custom case is causing custom problems. I've never heard of a 2.0 riser card. Good luck though.
  4. ok so lets say the 2.0 riser card doesnt exist, would there be a fundamental issue running a 1.0 riser card on a 2.0 slot with a 2.0 card? throughput is the only thing affected right?
  5. Yes it will work at full speed. I've been using them for the past 4 years
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