A motherboard that wont bottleneck a gtx 660

I've decided to upgrade my computer to make it a gaming computer and i decided to get an NVIDIA GTX 660 for a graphics card and wanted a motherboard that wouldnt bottleneck it. i dont know a whole lot about computers yet but i do know that the GTX 660 is what i want. any and all help is appreciated- sorry if thats not spelt right.
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    Motherboard can't bottleneck your card, but the pci-e slot can. If you decided to use GTX 660, buy motherboard that have pci-e 3.0 with x16 speed. What processor you use?
  2. well actually that was my next question is what CPU wouldnt bottleneck the GPU, to answer your question right now im using an amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 4400+ 2.3ghz, but i dont plan on using that when i get my card; also, what type of CPU should i get for an nvidia card: AMD or Intel
  3. from your first post you say want to build gaming computer. When it come to gaming, Intel is the best choice out there. AMD processor simply can't beat Intel in gaming. Give your budget, and we can tell what you can get with that :)
  4. for a CPU at-most about $200
  5. then get Ivy Bridge i5-3330 or i5-3470. I use i5-3470 actually :D
  6. awesome thanks so much!! :)
  7. you're welcome :)
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