AMD FX Series and Virtual enviroments

I'm wondering if anyone has done or found any testing done on AMD's FX series CPUs in virtual environments? All I can find is stuff with 'games' and 'apps'
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  1. The Amd's do fine in virtualization. They support both AMD-V and IOMMU. They are not as powerful, per core, as an phenomII or thuban though so If you were thinking of picking up an FX 4 series get a PII or Thuban instead. The FX8 series is about equeal to a thuban x6
  2. Or a 2500K!
  3. I already own the FX-8150 and after gigabyte put out some bios updates I really have no complaints. Overclocking seems to raise its processing power exponentially. I was only curious about virtualizing
    because of it suppose to excel at mutli threading operations. So I was just curious if it would out perform in a heavy virtual enivroment.

    so far I've had a total of 4 VMs running, 2 x64 OS and 2 x86 OS and it hardly put a dent in the resources.
  4. As you see AMD's run virt's just fine.
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