Will this RAM work with this motherboard?

Okay, So what I have decided to do is buy this cheap motherboard and spend the rest of my money on RAM. I'm wanting to buy "2x8" 16gb of RAM. The motherboard says it supports 16gb but it has 4 slots. So does it support a maximum of 4gb on each slot or could I use 2 slots to get the full 16 gb? I'm curious because I can go ahead and buy the RAM I want with the motherboard and later on upgrade the motherboard to a full sized one after a buy a good GPU for it. This is another reason I'm buying this motherboard. It has integrated graphics built into it. I am curious though, to use it do I need a CPU with integrated graphics to use it or???? Sorry this is my first custom build. The processor will be a 965 phenom 2 BE. I am on a budget, I realize its a cheap processor, but its good enough to run Dolphin Emulator which is the whole point of this build. NOT to play PC games on high settings lol.

So to sum it up, I'm buying a cheap motherboard for now and upgrading after I buy a dedicated GPU. I'm just wanting to know if the RAM will work with the board and how well the integrated video will be. Also if anyone can tell me if I buy ddr3 1800 RAM instead of the 1600, if it would work as well? It says it has a 1600 OC limit, but could the RAM work on it, but just at a lower clock? I may just buy the 1600. Can someone explain how this works please?


Foxconn A88GMX AM3 AMD 880G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

This is the one I'm waiting to get later on.

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  1. You motherboard can suppot 16GB totally, so you cannon do 2 8GB sticks but you can do 4 4GB sticks.

    Phenom 2's dont have IGPUs so the mobo must have integrated graphics.

    The other MSI board has a max ram of 32GB. so you can do 2x8gb cards. The MSI board has no integrated graphics but thats fine because you will buy a dedicated GPU.

    Just go for 1600Mhz RAM.... you wont see a noticeable real-life performance increase and its cheaper.
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