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Screen capture displays poor quality in photo viewer

Hi all,

My Pc is working 100%, except for this annoying problem.

when i hit print screen, go to paint and save it as png it shows 100% crisp and high resolution 1900*1200

If i edit the pic saved on my desktop in paint or photoshop it show perfect. but if i open it with windows 7 photo viewer or live gallery the dpi is very poor and the lettters are obscure.

i right clicked the file and went to file details , i picked up paint does not store the dpi of the print screen on the file.

all the other normal photos and images display perfect in photo viewer except the screen captures.

Any ideas? :bounce:
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    Windows photo viewer scales the picture to fit into it's Window by default, and that reduces the resolution. If you hit the "Actual Size" button (2nd button from the left on the bar below the picture) it will show it at 100% view and that should look crisp and clear.
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  3. thank you!!!!!!!!!! my goodness 2 hours on the net and you solved it in minutes!!!
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