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Decent laptop, terrible FPS please help

Hello, my girlfriend has had her Dell Inspiron 1546 for 18 months now. At the time of purchase the laptop was working perfectly but the past 6 motnsh whenever she tries to play a video game the fps on the machine is absolutely terrible, even on games that would run perfectly in the past.

Her specs are CPU - AMD Turion X2 dual core mobile RM-74 2.20GHZ
GPU- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330.

Games that don't work are as follows. (They do work but FPS, around 18 on average)

Counter strike source, The sims 2, The sims 3, The battle for middle earth 2.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!
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  1. Try defragging the hard drive.

    Also try installing the most recent graphic drivers. Who knows, maybe the current drivers somehow became corrupted.
  2. Have tried defragging the card drive multiple times and i've not actually been able to find any updated drivers for the laptop. I'm seriously at a loss at what could be causing these problems, when i open task manager or "Speed fan" The CPU sometimes jumps from around 15% to 60% out of now where and then back to a low usage.
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    Perhaps the Registry somehow became corrupted or over bloated as time pass which is not unusual. The only way to fix it is to reinstall Windows. Backup any data on the C: drive that your girlfriend would deem important like the saved games.
  4. Hmm perhaps re-installing windows could help us out, appreciate your answer jag. Best answer. Thank you :)
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