Pc keeps in rebooting before and after POST, possible mobo problem?

Hey guys recently my PC has started to constantly reboot before and after POST. Sometimes it does successfully boot but has froze after a period of time. Ive tried reseating RAM, running it without the case, tried running with only mobo and cpu.

I thought it may be a psu problem but Ive tried another one and still the same result

Mobo im using is Gigabyte Z68P-DS3

Other specs are

Gigabyte HD6950 1GB
i5 2500K
G.skill ripjaws 4gb 1866mhz

CPU, GPU temp have been sitting at around 34 degrees when idling when the pc has had a successful boot
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  1. When you try only MB and CPU, can it boot fine or not? any error message?
    Do you test the RAM or HDD?
    Do you OC your CPU or RAM?
  2. how is the electricity in your house? I had an issue similar on my old machine and it turned out to be the machine just wasn't getting enough juice.

    That aside try clearing CMOS and rechecking all your cables.
  3. When I boot with only Mobo and CPU still does not post just goes off and restarts. Ive used different kits of RAM with no success. Have not OC my CPU nor RAM, although havnt tested my HDD

    Pretty sure electricity is fine in my house, everything else works besides my PC and tried different power outlets and a different psu

    Have also cleared CMOS and did not work
  4. So Ive just did that with two psu's, results being that the mobo came on then went off without any beeps, one time it went off and let out a single beep and one time it went on with continuous beeps (around 15)

    Even with a stick of RAM in it just goes on then off without any beeps
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