2gb vs. 1gb ram chips? (for old lenova thinkctr m50 w/4 ram slots p4)

Hello Everyone ..

Regarding - 2gb vs. 1gb ram chips? [for old lenova (ibm) thinkcenter m50 with 4 ram slots - pentium 4 (8189-y1j)]

The recommended ram chip is pc2800 and pc3200 (to fit the physical dimensions of the desktop, if I understand correctly). Presuming pc3200 is the higher grade, my 1st question is; would there be any alternative upgrades for the pc2800/3200?

If so, instead of adding 1gb in each of the 4 ram slots; is it possible to add 2gb in each of the 4 ram slots? Would it work, or cause problems?

Lastly, would anything have to be done to the bios & chipset; by putting in 2gb for each of the 4 slots?

Thanks very much, for any info you all are able to provide!

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  1. It can support up to 4GB (4x 1GB) RAM, if you install the 2GB RAM in on slot only, the PC may or may not boot, even it can boot you still only see 1GB instead 2GB. If you install 4x 2GB RAM I will say the PC will not boot.

    Up grade the BIOS will not helptoo, only the memory chip controller or memory controller can change the size of RAM to fit the PC.
  2. Hello Cin19,

    Kk, ... Thank you so much for your help so far!

    While I was waiting for a reply, I ran across the following -

    *ddr pc2700 333mhz 1gb (DDR400)* - (default recommended)
    *ddr pc3200 400mhz 1gb (DDR400)* - (default recommended)

    ddr pc3600 444mhz 1gb (DDR444)
    ddr pc4000 500mhz 1gb (DDR500)
    ddr pc4300 533mhz 1gb (DDR533)

    & was wondering if the last 3 would have the same sizing as the first 2, -

    ... being they are all DDR, & follow the same PC... prefix.

    Basically, are the last 3 simply -

    ... speed upgrades for the first 2,


    .. are entirely different physical sizes?

    Thank you for any info you may have.

    Also, I remember seeing info, that if I use WinXP OS 64-bit, (instead of the 32-bit);
    that the computer could handle more ram, (than the 32-bit default 4gb ram).

    Would you have any information regarding this too?

    Thx Much!

  3. 1) No all P4 CPU can support the 64-bit OS, and the m50 can support up to 4GB so if you can use 64-bit winXP then the PC can recognize 4GB. If you use the 32-bit then you only see the 3.5GB so there is not the big difference.
    2) The PC can support the highest speed RAM DDR400 PC3200, if you use the PC3600 or high then PC still set them to PC3200.
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