CAN I USE ATI HD 6850 GDDR5 to my INTEL DG41RQ "DDR2" mobo??

CAN I USE ATI HD 6850 GDDR5 to my INTEL DG41RQ "DDR2" mobo??
How much watt (PSU) shall i refer to ATI HD 6850??
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  1. Yes. Your motherboard should have a PIC-E 16x slot.

    As far as power requirements. AMD recommends a 500W PSU. That is total system requirements. Honestly, if you have a 400 or 450W PSU that is of high quality with maybe 30A available on the 12v rails, you would be ok as long as the rest of your system isn't drawing tons of power. If you are into Overclocking and alot of high end components I'd stick with 500W.
  2. Good info from jay2tall.

    Also, since i see some confusion, your mobo says ddr2 because thats the primary ram it can take. The card has gddr5 for on board video ram. You still have seperate ddr2 for system ram.
  3. AFAIK card with PCI-E 2.1 standards such as 6850 often have problem with PCI-E 1.x. normally the problem solved through BIOS update but if the mobo maker did not release one then he will have to use mobo with PCI-E 2.0.
  4. Yeah, I still not sure whether 2.1 cards will works 100% on 1.x slot or not.
    Better play the safest way, get 2.0 cards or borrow HD6850 from your friend and try on your PC, if that works then you can continue your plan to buy 6850.
  5. its a pretty recent chipset, it should work. works on my old 650i chipset.
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