Nvidia gtx 560ti: which manufacturer is best in delivering product undamaged?

I am living abroad and already had a bad experience receiving a damaged EVGA card. It seems to me that their packaging is terrible for such expensive electronics.
Any suggestions as to which card/packaging is better/sturdier to ship abroad? (returning the card from abroad is a PITA, I want to get it undamaged by the first time)
I am specifically looking for a 560Ti.
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  1. They are all pretty similar in packaging, it is more a matter of how their package is packaged!
  2. I got a palit gtx 465 that came in a thick sided box big enough for a 22 inch monitor that was filled with high density foam with a spot for the graphics card molded right in the middle of it, you could have thrown it from an airplane and not damaged it, then I got an EVGA 465 and it was a box half that size with regular old styrofoam. Either box would be fine unless the shippers are totally incompetent, but there can be a difference.
  3. I would think it would be easier to pay for better shipping than to shop for a graphics card based on the box though.
  4. Or buy it from some place like Scans in the UK, everything I've ever ordered from them turned up in a box three times the size of the item or items ordered and was two thirds filled with air bags and bubblewrap.
  5. I agree the shipper matters a lot. Amazon is more careful than Tigerdirect, for example. But I've also noticed that even within EVGA, for example, some of their cards come with styofoam, while others just come in the crappy, zero cushioned plastic box.
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