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My computer on and satys for 15 secounds then turn off it keeps repeating how to

January 21, 2013 8:51:40 AM

I got my computer a few weeks back after it was in the storage room.For the first few days it worked perfectly then I had some problems with the ram.I installed 5gb ram but it said 3.50(only 1gb usable) so the computer was slow so I installed a windows 64bit it worked perfectly then one day they showed be a blue screen after that I worked with the computer bit when I turn on the computer it turns on and stays fr about 15secounds then it turn off t just keep repeating until I turn the plug off and the monitor shows me nothing only black screen with a orange light help here pls

pc specs
Dual core processor
512 VGA card but my VGA card shares ram so it show 2gb
5gb ram (3gb ram)