Phenom II x2 545 vs Phenom x3 8750

Hi yes I bought parts fo rmy computer about 2 months ago and I am satisfied with what I bought for the money I had to spend at the time. I purchased skyrim for my pc to tes tout its preformance, and honestly I was amazed when it starte dup t said it was going to check my settings and based on the specs determine what visual settings it would be and of course it selected high quality. Now this is my question I went to the Site and it says I failed the spec requirements for reccomended settings, it says I should have at least an AMD Phenom x3 8750, compared to my AMD Phenom II x2 545 which I currently have installed? Any thoughts on the matter should I dump my current cpu to upgrade to a better one such as the phenom x3 8750 or just hold out? I am just curious because even though one program is telling me one thing the results I see are the exact opposite.
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    The Phenom X3 8750 is not better. Don't trut that site. It only uses basic info.

    The Phenom II is the better CPU but going to a Phenom II X4 would not hurt at all and in fact benefit for games in the long run.
  2. Alright thankyou, I found that out earlier today, I figured the phenom II was better then just phenom but then again I am not really hardcore into things like that. Which is why I cam here to find out. Thanks again for th einfo as far as upgrading to the Phenom II X4 I just might, but I need to make sure my mobo will take it I know it only took up to either the X4 or X6 series of cpus I would have to recheck.
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