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Buying Graphic Cards

Hey Guys,

I want to buy 2 graphic cards and I just want to make sure I make a good purchase. My price for the cards could go up to $500 to $550.
I have an Asus Sabertooth X58 MoBo and right now I have an Geforce 285gtx and want to upgrade and do sli. Also wondering if these gtx 560 has had good reviews or are not as good?

I found these graphic cards but I don't know if there any good.

Its between MSI or Asus

Please Help :)
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  1. The GTX 560Ti is better than the GTX 560.

    Definitely get the second one.
    It's overclocked.
    MSI is a good brand.
    And it's cheaper than the other 3 560Ti cards.
  2. ^ This

    And with that twin frozr II, you should get really good temps and have some headroom for OC. Don't put this in a bad PSU.
  3. How big of a psu I would need?
  4. ~750+ watts, a good brand recommended
  5. Its a 750watt Delta power supply. Would that be good enough?
  6. im not familiar with Delta (i think its mostly sold across US and far east asia?) but did read they were solid units - any replies from other parts of the world might steer you towards names that we know (Corsair / Cooler Master etc) but I think you'll be fine.

    just to be sure what is the Delta model number - anything like this?

    personally I'd go for MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk GeForce GTX 560 Ti, 1GHz on gpu core should be a breeze

  7. Yea that is close to my power supply.
  8. Also what would be the difference between the GTX 560Ti and 560GTX-Ti Hawk?
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    xtreme 15 said:
    Also what would be the difference between the GTX 560Ti and 560GTX-Ti Hawk?

    so my understanding of current nvidia cards, for gtx 560 ti you have

    1. reference nvidia GTX 560 ti - default clocks 822mhz gpu core, 4008mhz memory.


    2. factory overclocked versions with upgraded cooling solutions, allowing for even further overclocking headroom at home, example MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB comes clocked at 950mhz on gpu core and 4200mhz on the memory. im sure would be quite easy to clock the gpu @ 1050mhz (or 1.05ghz) that would be almost 28% increase on the nvidia reference model

    might depend on whether you want/need internal or external exhausting model

    in my case i have 2 x GTX 460 (SLI), both can easily clock to 910mhz (34% increase over the nvidia reference 675mhz)

    from what i have seen the the best performing & coolest running cards will have a 2 fan cooling solution, see these 2 examples (both are handsome cards in terms of performance). both come factory overclocked - evga @ 850, msi @ 950)



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