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I have a Corsair Cx430 and I'm using 2 pin molex for an extra PCI-E for my Nvidia Ge force 8800 GTX. But my problem if I want to install up to 7 case fans on my cooler master elite 430.

6 for mounting inside the case

and 1 for mounting a push/pull configuration on my Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus.

But how do i connect these fans? Well I have 5 4pin molex to fan extenders / power.

But I only have 1 molex connection left on power supply. and 4 molex fan adapters looks pretty wierd stacked on top of one molex power. So If I connect 4 of the fans through the psu and 3 into the motherboard will that solve my problem?
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  1. Put all of them that you can on the mobo and stack the rest on the molex. A standard 120mm fan only draws a couple of watts.
  2. Case fans don't need much power, you can put all the fans and it will work with that PSU.
  3. if stacking your fans molex connectors is only worrysome for you because of how it looks, there are usually a ton of places to hide cords etc. also fan controllers are nice because then you can lower/ pump up the speed of the fans on the molex. and some of the cords will be consealed in the 5.25" cage and also they wont all be plugged in togetrher.
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