(PROBLEM)Z77x-UDH3, no picture

Hi guys.

I just bought a new computer, and build it myself. The specs are
i5 3570k
gigabyte y77x-udh3
kingston hyper beast 8gb 1600 DDR3
gigabyte 660 ti 3gb
gigabyte gz-g1 plus
chieftec 750W
windows 7 ultimate x64

I build the comp, installed the windows, and the computer works. I can log in windows, but when i install the drivers for the graphics card and reset the computer i get no picture. It works to loading windows screen and then the monitor turns off. The windows do boot, as i can hear the log in sounds but i cant get any picture. Without the drivers or with the integrated graphics it works fine.

I updated the BIOS, reset it, cleared CMOS, tried the card in another slot, reinstalled the windows, tried booting in different RAM combinations, i even took the card out in installed it again, but nothing works.

Then i took out the graphics card, put it in my old computer in it worked. I got a spare 9600GT, tried that in the new computer and it worked too!

I put the new graphics card back to the new computer, installed the drivers again( tried it with a few different versions) and logged in windows again, with no picture. I connected to the desktop thru my network to see whats going on. The driver crashes with the error code 43, which seems to indicate a hardware problem, but as i said, the card works in the second computer just fine.
I have been trying everything i can think of for a few days now, I'm totally stumped.
Help please. i will really appreciate it.
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  1. Thans for the answer. I did try this version of drivers, and the one before, nothing.
  2. Hi, Try contacting Gigabyte. It might be a compatibility issue. Or return it and get a different one.
  3. i will contact gigabyte regarding the compatibilty. Taking it back is the last option as they will surely need at least 2 weeks to figure it out and give me a new one if needed.
  4. So, after a few days of trying, i took the comp apart and there was 1 bent pin on the MB-proc side. I fixed that and now everything works. Thanks for the help.
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