Replaced AMD Sempron with new one and nothing happens

I have a Dell Dimension C521 and one day I was cleaning out the desktop took everything apart and happen to see I was missing my CPU Processor (AMD Sempron 1.8Ghz SDA3400IAA3CW). My dog got a hold of it. So I ordered another one put it in, applied Thermo Paste, stuck the heat sink back on it and nothing happens. The following works, fan, CD, HD, etc. All the monitor says is "In Power Save Mode Press any key on keyboard or move mouse". The power light is an amber color. By the way, I heard no beeps nothing just the sound of the fan. Tried resetting the CMOS nothing still. Do I have to flash the bios? If so, there's no floppy drive so how can I accomplish this? I do have a USB one but it doesn't recognize it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. So... how did a dog unmount the heatsink and grab the CPU out of the socket? Or did you have it laying around?

    That aside, its not posting. Check for any sort of diagnostic lights/numbers on the system. That can tell a lot of info.
  2. I took apart the entire computer. Separated the heat sink from the processor. By the way, none of the diagnostic lights are lit. According to the owner manual, no lights lit mean the computer is in a normal condition or possible pre-POST failure has occurred.

    When I click on any of the monitor buttons it seems to be stuck "In Power Save Mode Press any key on keyboard or move mouse". When clicking any key nothing happens.
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