Confused on some displayed System Devices

OK before I start my specs are as followed:

P8Z77-V LX
Xonar DG audio
Cooler master 700w
8gb ram

Anyway, last night I was checking to see if I had any chip set driver updates available and came across some confusing information listed under my system device tab from within the device manager. Picture is posted below.

I'm completely confused as to why my system is recognizing my chip set as C216 family as indicated by the 3 lines there at the top. Shouldn't it be reading ass z77?

I'm also confused by the bottom 2 lines referencing a Xenon processor. Why isn't it referencing my 3570k?

Did I somewhere along the line install a chip set for a Xenon processor and now my system devices are confused?
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  1. Z77 is the Intel® 7 series express chipset motherboard so that it indicates like that. If you use the P68 or Z68 MB then it will show Intel® 7 series /c200 some thing like this.

    Fot the bottom lines I best guess that is you use the difference chipset driver like the one for server chipset but it include the Intel® 7 series express chipset.

    Do you install the chipset drive like this one from intel (version ).
    When you read the "Release Notes", you will see which chipset it includes. If you want you can try to reinstall the chipset driver.
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